Programs & Services

Peer Counseling

Developed in 1977, the Peer Counseling Program at WISE & Healthy Aging has become an international model for the delivery of counseling services to adults ages 55 and older. In this program, seniors dealing with stage-of-life issues such as loss, ill health, retirement, and other changes can develop insight and coping skills.

Our paraprofessional peer counselors provide individual counseling in at our Santa Monica site or at a client’s residence. The peer counselors also facilitate support groups (see list below) to provide older adults with social interaction and emotional support. The peer counselors are volunteers, ages 55 and older, who receive extensive training and ongoing weekly supervision with a licensed mental health professional. 

Fees for individual counseling are on a sliding scale based on ability to pay.

For more information on our Peer Counseling program or to volunteer in the program, please call (310) 394-9871, ext. 373. 
For information on purchasing our training materials (manual and videotapes) and/or to set up a Peer Counseling program in your community, please call (310) 394-9871, ext. 373. 

Peer Counseling Support Groups 
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Bereavement Group –
This group provides a safe, confidential place to grieve the loss of a loved one and an opportunity to address one’s own emotional needs. (Meets Thursdays)

Women’s Group: Expanding Your Horizons –  
A safe place for women to share the pain and pleasure of life, and to provide and receive emotional support. (Meets Mondays)

Men’s Support Groups –          
Confidential and trusting environments in which men can talk about personal issues in their lives, covering both physical and emotional concerns. (Meets Mondays or Thursdays)

Stress Management Group –  
Learn techniques to reduce anxiety and gain control of life’s stressors.  (Meets Mondays)

Transitions: A Support Group for People 50 to 65 –  
For people who have reached a crossroad in their lives and are unsure which path to choose. Through sharing thoughts and feelings, members can help each other untangle life’s dilemmas. (Meets Thursdays)


From Collecting to Cluttering –    
A step-by-step, 15-week program to assist and support participants in gaining control over acquiring and saving too many things. (Call for more information)