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Professional Advisors

The Professional Planned Giving Advisory Committee is a dedicated group of professionals within the community who serve as advocates and advisors for WISE & Healthy Aging, Planned Giving Program. Most members work as estate and tax attorneys tax attorneys, certified public accountants, trust officers, life insurance brokers, financial advisors and wealth managers. Whenever appropriate, they share news about WISE & Healthy Aging with their clients and colleagues. In doing so, they open doors that will help meet the financial goals necessary for us to achieve our ambitious goals in serving our surging community of seniors.

We understand that gifts to charities such as WISE & Healthy Aging can be an important part of your clients' overall financial and estate plans. That's why we're committed to working with you to ensure that your clients find the charitable arrangements that best meet their needs. We believe that charitable planning is a process that ideally involves the donor, professional advisors and our gift planning staff — all working together to arrange the best gift possible. 

The Goals of the Professional Planned Giving Advisory Committee

In addition to its advisory services, the Committee members are focused on assisting the planned giving program in several areas including:

• Increasing public awareness of the advantages of gift planning strategies
• Establishing gift acceptance policies for all planned gift arrangements
• Assisting in the design of effective marketing strategies to identify donors and prospects

If you are interested in joining the Professional Planned Giving Advisory Committee, contact:

Grace Cheng Braun
President and CEO
WISE & Healthy Aging
1527 4th Street, 2nd Floor
Santa Monica, CA  90401
Phone: (310) 394-9871
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.